Peanut Snack Manufacturing

Industry-wide dilemmas

In snack production, one small defect can lead to the loss of an entire batch. Which is why farming, processing, and quality validation need to work together to address industry-wide issues.

It starts with the basics

Without the willingness to look inwards, we can’t hope to change the industry. Our self-awareness lets us rethink, reengineer, and reimagine the status quo.

Quality, layer by layer

Layer-by-layer quality control eradicates systemic failures, helping us address the 30+ causes of aflatoxin and create higher-quality peanuts.

Expertise + technology

Our ability to combine product know-how and technological advancements lets us mitigate much of the risk of defects, and sets us apart in the industry.

The knowledge behind our growth

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Critical waste reduction

Fewer broken kernels and skinless nuts and less peanut dust saves our customers thousands of dollars in machine maintenance time each year.


The finest java peanuts

The Indian java peanut is unquestionably the best variety for confectionery production, followed by the Martinique java variety.


Optimised roasting times

Smaller nuts require 6% less heat and 30% less time to achieve a perfect roast compared with larger seeds. Consistently-graded nuts ensure you avoid overcook and the formation of cholesterol-causing trans fats.


The groundbreaking Luhua 11 variety

With a high protein and sugar content, and a high O:L acid ratio, the newly released Luhua 11 peanut variety is ideal for confectionery uses.


The right flavours and shapes

Java peanuts contain high levels of sucrose and pyrazine for a beautiful nutty aroma when roasted. They create the finest all-natural premium peanut butter, and their round shape also makes them ideal for coated snack manufacturing.


Moisture control is key

Getting the right moisture level is essential: packing roasted peanuts at below 2.1% kernel moisture content protects the aroma, crispness and flavour profile – even 90 days after production.

Our deep understanding of various origins and species of peanuts, their advantages and inherent deficiencies helps us choose the right profile for every snack and production process. Whether you are coating, frying, baking, roasting or crushing, we have a nut for you.

Peanut products

Kernels Kernels

We handle a global supply of peanuts 365 days of the year, covering origins from 87% of the world’s peanut sources. Across our direct sourcing and global supply chain distribution system we represent 6.5% of the entire global peanut industry. By working with the latest technologies, we can deliver consistency, reliability, and high output.

In-shell In-shell

Ideal for boiled, roasted, or flavour-infused snacks, in-shell peanuts are primarily of the Virginia, runner, Spanish, and Valencia varieties. Agrocrops’ quality control process draws on our expertise: choosing the best variety for each use, and ensuring quality checkpoints are put in place. We make sure your product is correctly sorted, cleaned, graded, and packed.

Oil Oil

Peanut oil has an unmatched flavour and is one of the world’s leading cooking oils thanks to its high flash point and high oleic acid content. We supply high-quality, non-GMO peanut oil from the US, Africa, Brazil, and India in a wide range of packaging options.

Blanched Blanched

Our blanching process is driven by science, and helps manage challenges such as peanut meal, spots, peroxide value, salmonella, and aflatoxin. By removing 95% of the aflatoxin, for example, blanching makes our peanuts safer to consume. Helping us support the growing demand from the snack and food processing industries.

Roasted and processed Roasted and processed
Roasted and processed

This premium segment of the peanut market requires a high level of expertise. Our commitment to quality standards and process controls lets us deliver the right specification for you, using precision dicers and choppers to produce contaminant-free peanuts of the appropriate grade.

Roasted and processed
Paste and butter Paste and butter
Paste and butter

Peanut paste is used in sauces, cookies, crackers, breakfast cereals, and even ice cream – and it's the main ingredient in peanut butter. Our peanut paste and butter can be delivered ‘natural’ or with added ingredients, ensuring you get a specification and packaging tailored to your needs.

Paste and butter
Protein, meal, and flour Protein, meal, and flour
Protein, meal, and flour

Natural derivatives such as peanut protein powder, cold-pressed peanut meal, and defatted flour are all ideal for use in plant-based protein products. Common applications include protein bars, nutritional supplements, cereals, low-fat peanut butter, sauces, baked products, and pet foods.

Protein, meal, and flour
Bio-fuels Bio-fuels

Peanut hulls have a high calorific value, and once pressed into pellets and bricks they’re an excellent bio-fuel source. It’s important to us that we maximise our resource use – and electricity generation is part of that mission.


More than just peanuts

  • Just-in-time supplies

    No snack manufacturer wants to get stuck with a vast stockpile. Let the peanut experts take care of business and deliver exactly what you want, precisely when and where you want it.

    Just-in-time supplies
  • What’s your waste worth?

    We like to make the most of every peanut. So we buy all sorts of peanut waste and transform it into valuable products.

    What’s your waste worth?
  • Many origins, one source

    We produce peanuts and peanut ingredients from 20 sources. With several varieties at tailor-made grades and specifications, the choice really is yours.

    Many origins, one source
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