Peanuts for oil

We source only the highest-yield seeds for oil crushing. So peanut oil producers and brand owners alike can be sure they’re getting the right peanuts for their production.

Boosting your efficiency

Boosting your efficiency

Our expertise and the wide range of qualities and origins of peanut oils we offer give you efficiency and choice.

High-yield varieties mean competitive pricing

High-yield varieties mean competitive pricing

Our flexible specifications help you bridge the gap to your target price, so you can choose the right oil.

The perfect peanut oil for you

The perfect peanut oil for you

We offer 1-4PPB aflatoxin and 0.50FFA to high oleic peanut oils, ideal for packers, refiners, traders, and confectionery manufacturers – in retail or bulk packaging.

Quality, price, and quantity

We supply raw peanut materials year-round, without any disruption in quality or price. So you can be sure of both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Quality, price, and quantity
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Low peroxide and FFA

Keeping these in check helps increase the freshness and shelf life of our peanuts, and our sourcing encompasses multiple crop cycles.


Low aflatoxin

Controlling our aflatoxin levels between 1-4PPB stabilises your end products, making our peanut oils ideal for everything from confectionery manufacturing to refineries.


50% oil yield

We only select peanut origins and species with a 50-52% oil yield, so that you get the most value.


Packaging choices

Packing oil with nitrogen dramatically increases its shelf life, and we offer everything from jerry cans to flexitanks to reduce oxidation and protect your product.


Suitable for industry or manufacturing

We can provide you with the scale you need, whether you’re using peanut oil as an ingredient, or as a raw material.

Trade records

Trade  records
  • A record single day of 5,000 tons shipped across three ports
  • Production capacity of up to 480 tons a day
  • Handling peanuts from 20 global origins


tons of peanuts and peanut products handled each year

The global sourcing of our raw peanut materials for oil crushing gives us unmatched agility in supply

You can trust our efficiency, and ability to handle breakbulk loading of both oil and kernels.

Oil-crushing peanut products

Kernels Kernels

We handle a global supply of peanuts 365 days of the year, covering origins from 87% of the world’s peanut sources. Across our direct sourcing and global supply chain distribution system we represent 6.5% of the entire global peanut industry. By working with the latest technologies, we can deliver consistency, reliability, and high output.

In-shells In-shells

Ideal for boiled, roasted, or flavour-infused snacks, in-shell peanuts are primarily of the Virginia, runner, Spanish, and Valencia varieties. Agrocrops’ quality control process draws on our expertise: choosing the best variety for each use, and ensuring quality checkpoints are put in place. We make sure your product is correctly sorted, cleaned, graded, and packed.

Peanut oil  Peanut oil 
Peanut oil 

Peanut oil has an unmatched flavor and is one of the world’s leading cooking oils thanks to its high flash point and high oleic acid content. We supply high-quality, non-GMO peanut oil from the US, Africa, Brazil, and India in a wide range of packaging options.

Peanut oil 
Peanut meal Peanut meal
Peanut meal

Natural derivatives such as peanut protein powder, cold-pressed peanut meal, and defatted flour are all ideal for use in plant-based protein products. Common applications include protein bars, nutritional supplements, cereals, low-fat peanut butter, sauces, baked products, and pet foods.

Peanut meal

We don’t stop at peanut oil

Global operators choose Agrocrops for our diverse product range, in-depth peanut expertise, and experience solving challenges throughout the peanut supply chain. Here are some of the customisations we offer our partners and customers.

  • Many origins, one source

    We produce peanuts, ingredients, and oil from 20 sources. With several varieties at tailor-made grades and specifications, the choice really is yours.

    Many origins, one source
  • Global distribution

    We don’t just focus on one area. Our global supply chain covers 75% of the market, connecting you wherever you are.

    Global distribution
  • We’re traders and partners

    We procure and distribute crude and refined peanut oil and peanut meal for global customers, so we buy as well as sell.

    We’re traders and partners
  • OEM expertise

    We offer OEMs for major brands. That means hot- or cold-pressed peanut oil in consumer-ready or bulk packaging.

    OEM expertise
  • High oleic content

    We offer high oleic options from global origins, with a longer shelf life than traditional oils.

    High oleic content
  • Maximising your peanut meal

    Many large-scale oil crushers don’t have an established peanut meal market – we’ll supply your kernels and procure your meal.

    Maximising your peanut meal
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