Its a peanut thing

It’s a peanut thing

From farming and processing to innovative products; we’re passionate about peanuts.

we sow, you reap

Welcome to Agrocrops

From root to seed, from farm to factory. Peanuts have been making our world go round for more than 55 years.

We’re committed to quality, leadership, and efficiency in everything we do.

If peanuts are involved, so are we

At Agrocrops, we specialise in one thing: peanuts. And every kind of peanut product you can imagine.

That gives us a unique ability to connect every part of the industry; we deal in  end-to-end peanuts, 365 days of the year.

Because peanuts are special

For every peanut we sow, we reap 75 new ones. And now we handle 150,000 tons of produce every year.

We share that growth with everyone in the market: farmers, manufacturers, and even our competitors.

The Best Quality Groundnut Exporter in Tanzania

By pioneering modern farming and processing technologies from other industries, we deliver all types of groundnuts that are high in quality and low in environmental impact.

With Agrocrops as your groundnut importers, you’ll have a partner that places a premium on sustainability and eco-conscious farming.

Leaders in our field

Leaders in our field

  • We handle 20 origins of peanuts, from 87% of global origination sites
  • Engaging with 75% of direct global supply chain distribution
  • All from one simple ingredient

With thousands of customers worldwide, including in the challenging Japanese market, we set industry benchmarks by integrating every part of the peanut process.

Our Brands

Brand 12
Brand 11


We’re the world’s largest fully integrated peanut company, handling 6.5% of global peanut consumption.


We work globally with a local presence, but we work as one united team.

Food safety

Our process is entirely touch-free, eradicating food safety risks such as salmonella and E. coli.


We use advanced technologies in our peanut processing: from biometric signatures to spectrometry and precision gravity separators.

There is no competition on quality

There’s no competition on quality

We work with world-class clients. So when it comes to quality we’re second to none.


Our in-depth knowledge of peanut science drives our commitment to building a stronger industry. And our proprietary quality system allows for zero tolerance when it comes to process defects.

Red Dry Chilli

Work with us, and you’ll get more than just peanuts. You’ll get our standards too

  • Zero aflatoxin
  • Zero risk of salmonella and E. Coli
  • Separation of long and round peanuts
  • Peanut counts tailored just for you from 60/65 to 63/68 and everything in between

More Products

Peanut Products

Ready to find out more about what peanut products we offer?

Making ends meet

Our strength comes from our unbreakable will to improve. In our factories, our farms, and throughout our teams.

By distributing globally and operating at both ends of the industry, we are uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable growth, and remove friction throughout the supply chain.

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A rising tide lifts every boat

An integrated peanut industry works better for everyone. We’re determined that our efforts to turn norms on their head benefit all.

So that farmers, manufacturers, and consumers alike can reap the rewards of our work.

certified quality

  • ISO
  • ISO
  • sedex
  • certified-quality-1
  • certified-quality-3
  • sd

Looking into the distance

The future is important to us. By sharing our knowledge and connecting the dots, we can bring our vision of a passionate commitment to quality to life.


As an end-to-end producer we work in origin sites all over the world.

And we’re committed to improving conditions and powering growth in those regions.

As an end-to-end producer we work in origin sites all over the world.


Shared learning can only change things for the better.

We study other industries to find process enhancements that will improve outputs – and we share these insights with others.

Shared learning can only change things for the better.


Peanut farming is changing, and we’re leading the charge.

By investing in aerofarms, IoT systems, satellite imagery and  mechanisation, we’re ushering in the new age of the peanut.

Peanut farming is changing, and we’re leading the charge.


As one of the largest groundnut suppliers to Tanzania and throughout the world, we take our environmental responsibility seriously.

Ecofriendly practices are at the forefront of everything we do. It’s why we offer traceability and sustainability data to all our clients.

As one of the largest groundnut suppliers to Tanzania and throughout the world, we take our environmental responsibility seriously.

Meet our peanut pioneers

Agrocrops has a unique capability: working at a global scale, yet operating as one team.

Experience, tradition, and passion drive our peanut mission. And our knowledgeable, pragmatic leaders champion that approach.

  • Bhavani Saravanan

    Bhavani Saravanan


    As CMD, Bhavani has been instrumental in steering Agrocrops on its path of continuous growth. She is focused on auditing our processes and guiding our governance

  • Saravanan Lokasundaram

    Saravanan Lokasundaram


    Known to most as Sara, our CEO has a strong appetite for calculated risks, and a deep knowledge of international trade. Informed by Six Sigma methodologies, he is a persistent strategist.

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