Peanuts In-shell

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Peanuts In-shell

In-shell peanuts are ideal for boiled, roasted, or flavour-infused snack products, and typically comprise the Virginia, Runner, Spanish, and Valencia varieties, as well as farmer stock.

Agrocrops’ peanut expertise lets us identify key quality checkpoints throughout the growing and manufacturing process, helping you to choose the right variety and specification for your peanut in-shell product.

Our in-shell peanut grades range from 9/11 to 26/30, and these peanuts are sorted, cleaned, graded, and packed with the help of laser technology.

Which Peanut In-Shell Varieties Are the Most Popular?

Chinese in-shell products feature Virginia, Spanish, and Valencia peanuts. The Luhua subspecies is one of the sweetest and most delicious, and is only available in China, in both jumbo and medium sizes.

In-shell peanuts from India are of the Bold and Virginia types. The shells are generally medium-sized, although some jumbo in-shells are also available. The G10 and G20 subspecies dominate and are perfect for in-shell snack products, due to their similar fat and sensory profiles. G10 in-shell peanuts are especially famous for their aromatic flavours and longer shelf life, with a clean, pale, and contaminant-free exterior.

In the United States, Virginia and Valencia peanuts are the most popular. Virginia in-shells are mostly jumbo-sized and have a longer shelf life thanks to standardised post-harvest systems that allow for proper curing before storage. Virginia in-shells are also a truly gourmet variety, with a distinctive crunch. Virginia in-shell peanuts are also high in vitamin E and compounds such as resveratrol, isoflavones, and other antioxidants. Valencia peanuts are extra sweet, with a flavour profile that only improves when they are roasted or boiled .

Why Choose Agrocrops' In-Shell Peanuts?

Efficiently processed

Our in-shell peanuts are graded, sorted, cleaned, and packed, ready to be boiled or roasted.

Flexible roasting

Agrocrops’ roasted in-shell peanuts use Bold or Virginia peanuts, and accommodate various sizes and roast temperatures.

Cleaned farmer stock

We remove farm debris and stones from our raw in-shell stock, so you’re only getting quality.

Valencia specifications

We offer three-kernel Valencia in-shell pods that are sweeter than the other types of peanut varieties.

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