Roasted Groundnuts & Blanched Peanuts

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Roasted Groundnuts & Blanched Peanuts

Roasted groundnuts and blanched peanuts form a primary ingredient in a vast number of confectioneries consumed worldwide. The blanching process typically uses Runner, Virginia, or Spanish peanuts, and removes 80% of aflatoxin, making blanched peanuts safer to consume than raw, skin-on peanuts.

At Agrocrops, our blanched peanuts come in highly customisable specifications, from uncooked peanuts dry-blanched at 80°C to peanuts fully roasted at 180°C. Our air-blanching system ensures zero scorching and avoids the use of mechanical skin removal, resulting in a lower peanut meal and a fine finish. Similarly, our roasted peanuts are produced using precision roasters with multiple heat zones, ensuring that the peanuts are unaffected at the molecular level. We use Hunter L*a*b scale colour specifications to correctly match the finished product.

Uncooked blanched peanuts are typically used for making boiled snacks, peanut soups, or as an initial stage before further roasting processes.

Blanched and roasted groundnuts are made from the following types of peanuts:

● Standard Runner/Bold 
● High Oleic Runner/Bold 
● Virginia 
● Spanish 
● TJ 37 
● Western 44

Why Choose Agrocrops' Blanched and Roasted Peanuts?

Precision roast

We use spectrometry technology to roast our nuts to your exact requirements, precisely matching any colour scales as required.

Low-temperature blanching

Our low-temperature blanching does not produce any ash content in our roasted groundnuts, resulting in a product with a cleaner look and fresher taste.

Super protein and fat profiles

We achieve premium protein and fat profiles in our roasted and blanched peanuts, making them ideal for therapeutic food production.

Longer shelf life

The roasting and drying technology we use avoids molecular damage, resulting in peanuts with a longer shelf life.

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