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Article by Pnut King

Revolutionizing Peanut Butter: Elevating Quality through Innovative Ingredients and Production Processes

Published on 11/28/2023 in Peanut News

While Jif and Skippy might be at the top of the US peanut butter market, they aren’t the brands with the best ingredients or production processes.

Today, brands with an awareness of the full diversity of peanut varieties and origins are customising their products. They’re varying the proportion of Spanish or runner type peanuts used in their manufacturing processes to create more luxurious flavour profiles and more desirable textures.  

Equally, smart manufacturers are using advanced grinders that make peanut butter without oxidation or added heat. That ensures a more consistent treatment of each nut and significantly extends the shelf life of the product.  

Amidst the competitive landscape of peanut butter brands, a noteworthy trend is the emphasis on diverse peanut varieties and origins. Some brands are elevating flavor profiles and textures by adjusting the proportion of Spanish or runner type peanuts.