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AICRP on Groundnut planning for large scale production

Peanut Farming May 17, 2021

AICRP on Groundnut planning for large scale production

Imphal, May 16 2021: College of Agriculture, Central Agricultural University is planning for large scale production of groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea) by sponsoring farmers in different districts and carrying out research works on potential value added products from the production under its All India Coordinated Research Project (AIRCP) on Groundnut.

According to AICRP on Groundnut senior technical officer L Jamini, activities and initiatives like providing training to farmers, provision of seeds, selection of variety based on soil type, production of new varieties and the improve socio-economic condition of farmers through value addition are being taken up under the project.

Plant breeder scientist Dr Khumuk-cham Pramesh is playing major role in the project.

Right type of seed variety is provided to the farmers by identifying soil texture and climatic condition of the farmland under Front Line Demonstration (FLD) component of the project.

Farming activities are being taken up in farmlands adjacent to rivers and foothills in Churachandpur, Imphal East, Imphal West, and Chandel districts.


Last year's harvest was collected from the farmers and distributed to more farmers this year.


One of the leading snack food production companies of the state had recently enquired about regular supply of groundnut but they are not able to fulfil the demand as there is no large-scale production as of now.


However, they will be able to meet the demand after two years.Besides, preparations for releasing two varieties of groundnut are on the pipeline, Jamini said.

On the other hand, groundnut is a cheap yet nutritious product.

In fact, groundnut is one of the most valuable oil seed crops.

One special characteristic of groundnut is its high content of protein (20 to 26 per cent).

Besides, it has rich vitamins and calcium.

Groundnut is beneficial for heart as it has no cholesterol, below 20 per cent saturated fat and more than 80 per cent of unsaturated fat.

The world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic and there is strong need to keep oneself healthy by consuming right amount of protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients.

While protein is mainly available from meat, the Covid lockdown has limited the availability of meat products and in such a situation groundnut is a good replacement of meat.

Different types of snacks can be made from groundnut and they can be prepared easily at home without any special tools or equipment.

Heingan and Ladoo made from groundnut are the most common snacks produced in the state.

Other products include crunchy groundnut mixed with besan, corn flour & masala, peanut butter, bread made with groundnut & Chak-hao among others.

So far, six batches of farmers' trainings have been organised since January this year and further training will continue after the Covid-19 situation improves.

Source: http://e-pao.net/GP.asp?src=41..170521.may21


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