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Paddy, groundnut crops hit by heavy rain

Peanut Market News December 04, 2019

Paddy, groundnut crops hit by heavy rain

The excess rainfall in the first three days of December and one day in November due to 'Active Easterly Wave' during the receding north-east monsoon led to some damage to paddy and groundnut crop, which were in the harvesting stage. The rains will however, sharply reduce in Kurnool, Kadapa and Anantapur districts, but slight drizzle is predicted in Chittoor and Nellore districts on Wednesday.

In the three days in December ending Tuesday there was 12.8 mm of rainfall in Anantapur district against a normal of 0.1mm and in November while for entire month there was -67.4% deficit, with only 11.3 mm rain received against a normal of 34.7 mm, the rain was received at the fag end of the month. Overall in the monsoon season from June 1 there is 6.3% more rainfall than normal - 514.4 mm against a normal of 483.9 mm.

For overall Southwest Monsoon from June 1 to September 30, there was a deficit of -1.7%, which is considered normal (332.8mm against 338.4mm), said Agrometereologist S. Malleswari Sadhineni of Agriculture Research Station, Rekulakunta.

Joint Director Agriculture Habib Basha told The Hindu that crops were damaged in 1,296 hectares affecting 970 farmers in five mandals of Anantapur district during the excess rainfall during the three days ending Tuesday. While groundnut was damaged in Bhattapalli and Uravakonda mandals, paddy was damaged in Uravakonda, B.K. Samudram, Kannekal and Bommanahal in 22 villages.

Extent of damage was being assessed and a report would be sent to the State government, said Mr. Basha. The rains were, however, useful for redgram and Bengal gram crops that were between 20 and 45 days of growth, said Ms. Malleswari. Those who had not harvested groundnut and their fields got inundated, must harvest it immediately as otherwise germination will set in. Even those whose pods had got wet, must attempt at de-shelling so that some groundnut could be extracted, she added.

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/andhra-pradesh/paddy-groundnut-crops-hit-by-heavy-rain/article30153333.ece


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