Chairman's Message

The world of trading and the world of manufacturing have different perspectives on the peanut business. Although competitive pricing can deliver leadership position in the industry, value creation and sustainability can be achieved only if operated in both segments.

In the peanut industry, value creation comes from value chain integration, which in turn leads to profitability & leadership.

At Agrocrops we understand this, that’s why we are ahead of the competition. 

It is our passion and commitment to making Agrocrops what it is today, that will help us create sustainable success as an ongoing process.


Established as a public limited company in 2008, Agrocrops has consolidated ownership and control of the company from outsiders to key stakeholders in the company.

As of April 2017, Agrocrops has issued 700000 shares. With a healthy financial ratio, the book value generated is over 30 times since incorporation.  

Having ownership and control in our hands, has allowed us to steer Agrocrops towards value creation.

Annual Returns FY 2018/19
Financial Information

Agrocrops reports it’s annual financial information in the respective country it operates in. Any information related to financial reporting can be obtained by writing to