Agrocrops initiated contract farming activities in Q1 of 2017 with an objective to control quality (especially aflatoxin), right from farming. We work with Non-government organization, Government institutions & farmers for contract farming programs.

Agrocrops also engages through a captive farmer producer company with acreage covering from 500 to few hundred thousand acres.

Value chain integration being the foundational value of agrocrops, it allows us to take initiative on several key aspects of peanut production thru contract farming. We facilitate growth of our farmers who are in our farmer producer company programs for:

  • Soil & germination analysis
  • Seed selection & supply of sowing seeds
  • Fertilizer/pesticide management
  • Pre & post harvest critical control points
  • International best practices relevant to peanut farming

Apart from quality control of the peanut produce, through contract farming we are able to create sustainable supplies to the end-users. Furthermore, being present in all the value chains of the peanut industry, agrocrops is able to handle demand and supply while improving the business performance at the same time.

If you are a peanut farmer or a group of peanut farmers, please contact us to know how you can associate yourself with us in our farmer producer company.