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Agriculture officials ascertain crop losses in Pebbair

Peanut Market News January 30, 2019

Agriculture officials ascertain crop losses in Pebbair

The agriculture officials after learning about the heavy losses due to the untimely rains in Pebbair mandal of Wanaparthy district conducted field-level inspection of all the areas in Pebbair mandal on Monday. 

During their inspection, the officials had found that the farmers who had sown Sona Masuri paddy, groundnut, green gram and pulses were the worst hit due to the continuous downpour in the last three days.  

The Pebbair mandal agriculture officer Chandramouli and his team visited the fields and found that among all, the groundnut farmers had lost to a large extent followed by paddy farmers who had lost at least Rs 30,000 to 40,000 per acre in the mandal. 

Nearly 3,000 to 4,500 acres of area has been sown with paddy and groundnut in the Wanaparthy district and groundnut was sown over an extent of 540 acres in Pebbair mandal alone. While speaking to media on Monday, Chandramouli said that the groundnut farmers have been affected the most due to untimely rains.

“The farmers who had been harvesting groundnut crop are the most-affected followed by the paddy farmers. Very soon we will prepare a detailed report and send it to the government so that the farmers can get the compensation for their losses due to natural calamities.”

Source: https://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Telangana/2019-01-29/Agriculture-officials-ascertain-crop-losses-in-Pebbair/484035


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