• India Bold 3040 $1415.00
  • Egypt In-shell 9/11 $1975.00
  • Argentina Runner 6070 $1500.00
  • Nigeria Java 6070 $1250.00
  • India Bold 3040 (EU) $1520.00
  • India Bold 4050 $1360.00
  • India Bold 4050 (EU) $1450.00
  • India Bold 5060 $1330.00
  • India Bold 5060 (EU) $1420.00
  • India Bold 6070 $1300.00
  • India Bold 6070 (EU) $1390.00
  • India Java GJ 5060 $1380.00
  • India Java AP 8090 $1160.00
  • China Blanched 4151 $1550.00
  • China Blanched 5161 $1500.00
  • USA Runner 4050 $1400.00
  • Argentina Runner 3842 $1380.00
  • Argentina Runner 4050 $1380.00
  • Argentina Runner 4050 $1380.00
  • USA Spanish 6070 $2300.00
  • Sudan Java 8090 $1020.00
  • Tanzania, United Republic of Java 8090 $1050.00
  • Mozambique Java 8090 $1230.00
Farmers demand easing of curbs on lifting groundnut

Peanut Market News March 08, 2018

Farmers demand easing of curbs on lifting groundnut

Groundnut farmers have been resenting the government’s decision to impose 20 quintals cap on each farmer to lift the groundnut crop and demanded the government relaxation of the rules.  Groundnut was cultivated in over 60,000 acres in Nizamabad district. In Bodhan and Zukkal constituencies, the farmers reaped bumper harvest. 

When the farmers were forced to lift the crop at an unfair price of Rs 3,500 per quintal, the farmers launched agitations leading to the State government declaring the MSP of Rs 4,400 per quintal.  In undivided Nizamabad district, six purchase centers were opened and purchasing groundnut commenced. But, it imposed restrictions to buy only 20 quintals of the crop from each farmer. 

A farmer, Sai Kiran was worried as what he should do with the rest of the yield. At the time of seed distribution, there were no curbs imposed on lifting the crop, he pointed out. 

Another farmer sought justification for imposing the 20 quintals only rule. Farmers raised groundnut as rabi crop in Nizam Sagar and non-command areas. Each farmer raised groundnut in majority of his land and each farmer has at least 20 to 30 acres. 

However, the officials said the limit was imposed since groundnut was being smuggled into the State from Maharashtra. They said that they will purchase groundnut as per the rules. According to a conservative estimate, each farmer sustains a loss of Rs 10,000 per quintal.

Agriculture Officer at Bodhan Venkateswarlu said he would inform to the government about the farmers’ demand. Meanwhile, the farmers demanded immediate removal of the cap on the quantity of groundnut purchase. Else, they warned of staging agitation. 

Source: http://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Telangana/2018-03-08/Farmers-demand-easing-of-curbs-on-lifting-groundnut-/364296


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