Oilseed Meal

Oilseed Meal (Soy Meal)

Soy meal is the world's most important vegetable protein feed source accounting for nearly 65 % of World protein feed demand. About 98 percent of soy meal is used as an animal feed ingredient, with the remainder used in human foods such as bakery ingredients and meat substitutes. Soybeans on crushing and solvent extraction yield soy oil at 18% recovery and soy meal. About 85% of the global production is crushed. Indian Oilseed Meal Soybean is considered a premium product because of its high digestibility, high energy content and consistency. Soy meal is the most popular protein meal of the world. producers of soy meal in the world. In US, India, China crop starts arriving from Aug-Sept, while it starts from Jan-Feb in S. America.

The annual global trade in soy meal is around 45-48 million tons. The major exporters are Argentina (19-20 million tons), Brazil (14-15 million tons), USA (4-6 million tons), India (3-4 million tons) and EU (2 million tons).

The major importers are EU (20-22 million tons), Central Europe (3.5 million tons), Thailand (2 million tons), South Korea (1.5 million tons), Indonesia (1.5-2 million tons), Japan (1-1.5 million tons), Philippines (1-1.5 million tons) and Canada (1-1.5 million tons

It is estimated that the total production in 2003 was around 132 million tons. United States (33-35 million tons), China (20-22 million tons), Brazil (20-22 million tons), Argentina (18-21 million tons), India (3-5 million tons) are the major

Factors influencing Oilseeds Meal Markets
Specification of Oilseeds Meal
Kinds: Protein Min % Fat Max % Moisture Max % Fibre Max % Sand/Silica Max%
Soyabean Meal: 48.00 1.00 11.00 6.00 2.00
Rapeseed Meal: 38.00 1.00 10.00 12.00 2.25
Groundnut Meal: 45.00 1.00 10.00 12.00 2.50
Sesameseed Meal: 40.00 1.00 12.00 13.00 2.50
Castorseed Meal: Nitrogen Min 4.00% Potash Min 1.00% Phosphorus Min 1.00% Moisture Max 12.00%

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